The legend of the stork is a very old one. The image of the stork flying through the air, carrying a precious bundle in a cloth hammock seems so familiar to us all. This gift giving bird, who flies to us when we are in need of a baby. Such a wonderful perspective on the gift of life, and indeed the gift of Platonic Co-parenting.

Although originally a very old tale handing down over centuries, the story of the Stork bringing children into the world was brought to the fore once again by Hans Christiaan Anderson in one of his tales.

The tale of the stork can be found in multiple cultures around the world, from the Philippines, to Africa and Eastern Europe, as well as being prevalent in the UK and USA. It is believed that the story of the Stork may have arisen out of some parents feeling an awkwardness around discussing the story of birth and conception with children. Far easier for parents to avoid the discussion entirely, and simply say that they were brought by a Stork!

The story of the stork carrying a baby will forever be associated with the birth of a newborn, and continues to be attached to birth announcement cards and congratulatory cards. Intertwined forever more.

At the coParenting Agency, we love ancient traditions and myths, and we also love the reality of bringing two worthy people together with the desire that they will form a strong connection that will allow them to platonically co-parent together.

If you have been considering elective co-parenting and would like to find out more, contact us now. One of our friendly matchmakers will learn more about you to find out if we may be able to assist you in your journey to parenthood.

You don’t need a stork, you just need us.