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At The coParenting Agency, our team provide two main services. The first is platonic, elective parenting. Whether gay, straight, lesbian, man, woman or non-binary. If we believe we have the kind of people you would like to meet (and vice versa), we will invite you to join us.

The second service we provide is romantic, elective parenting. This is for people who would ideally like to be introduced to someone for whom there is eventually a romantic spark. This could develop during the getting to know you phase of the relationship, or further down the line.

With both membership types, you will be introduced to people who are ready, now to enter into a committed relationship in order to raise a child. These are people who have thought carefully about what they want in life, and know that bringing up a child is of such significance to them, that they have approached us.

Choosing to join us is a significant undertaking, and we understand that. Dating for parenthood is different to dating for romance. Even with the second type of membership, the priority remains the commitment to raising a child.

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Each member who is invited to join will receive a shortlist of individuals who have been hand selected by our team. We will have received their ID and address documents, and will have had either a face to face or online interview with them. Irrespective of membership package, each individual goes through the same process.

We encourage all members to meet (virtually or in person) at least twice. Nerves can often get the better of us, and a second meeting allows for a more relaxed getting to know you.

We provide coparenting services in multiple locations. If you do not see your location listed, please do still apply to us. Some of our clients are ready and willing to travel or relocate for the right person.

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